We include the chairs and tables for the ceremony and reception. The tables we have are 60-inch round, which seat 8 per table. Round is a nice social experience with people facing each other. We also have 6 ft. long rectangular tables that seat 6 per table. Rectangles work well for creating rows of guests. Also they work well for a head table, and preferred as service table for caterers, gift tables, bar and other service tables.

Linens for tables are not included and are rented from event rental companies

Yes. We offer ceremony-only rental for weddings Monday to Thursday. Chairs are included and we set the chairs up for you. Ceremony-only rentals are 8-hour rentals; this allows time to come in, decorate, have the ceremony and take down all the décor within the 8 hour rental time.

1. 10-hour rental for ceremony and cocktail reception

This option is available on Mondays to Thursdays only. This rental includes access to Lindon House on the day before the event for 2 hours for a ceremomy rehearsal. On the day of the wedding the 10 hours will give ample time to set up and decorate, do the ceremony and have a short stand-up cocktail reception then take down all the décor and supplies.

This option works well when caterers use roaming servers to bring appetizers to the guests while they mingle for 2 to 4 hours. Then when the guests leave all the décor and supplies are removed from the property within the 10-hour timeframe.

2. Ceremony with reception

This option begins on the day before the event. You have access to Lindon House from 3pm to 7pm to drop off the wedding supplies and do a ceremony rehearsal.

On the day of the wedding, Lindon House is available from 9:30am to 11:00pm. The early opening time will provide enough time to decorate and prepare for the ceremony/reception. Lindon House is responsible for setting up the chairs for the ceremony. Then your wedding team takes over decorating with linens, center pieces etc. for the reception.

Lindon House closes at 11:00pm. Last call for drinks is at 10:00pm, music turns down at 10:00pm and off at 10:30pm. Guests must leave by 11:00pm. You do not need to pack up all your supplies and décor at this time. Lindon House allows day-after access from 8am to 12 noon to collect all your supplies from the party. This avoids the chaotic scramble seen at the end of many weddings to clean up and have supplies removed before exit deadlines.

We offer a pool party option for the day before the wedding – for example, a rehearsal pizza party including use of the pool. This option may need a bar service team and lifeguard depending on the details that are arranged.

Wedding day pool options can be arranged once details are discussed.

We don’t provide catering services but we have a list of our preferred caterers who have demonstrated good food service and know the Lindon House property. You can choose your own caterer but they must be a professional service provider. Home cooking is not an option for food service. Only professional caterers are allowed.
We do have a standard (non-Commercial) kitchen that caterers use to finish their commercially prepared foods. Caterers use commercial kitchens to prepare their meals and transport them to our kitchen for final presentation via buffet or plated service. Lindon House does not allow you to bring in your own food.

Your caterers and bar staff are required to bag all garbage and items for recycling. All garbage, items for recycling, and any cardboard will have to be removed by you on final clean up day.

All dancing is done in the outside gardens under the twinkling lights this is why music is turned off (or played very ambient after 10:00pm) to respect our neighbours.

You may use a DJ, a playlist or live music as long as Lindon House is in control of the volume of the music. All musicians playing at Lindon House will have an understanding of this arrangement in advance of booking.

We work closely with tent rental companies and can put you in touch with them to arrange rental. It is a good idea to have tents reserved if the 14-day forecast indicates the possibility of rain. Fortunately the Okanagan is known for little rain and in our history (since 2010) tents have been rented about 8 times in all those years. As well, of the 8 times they were rented it actually rained 3 times. We find that usually if a forecast is for rain it turns out to be very light or doesn’t end up raining at all. Still it is good to be safe and have a tent on reserve if the forecast calls for rain.

Event insurance: This is required for all events. We recommend Capri insurance as they are familiar with our venue so the process moves a little quicker. You are certainly allowed to choose any insurance company.

Entandem music fees: All events that use music, either recorded playlists or live musicians generate licencing fees from Entandem. These fees pay the music creators for their royalties. We build the cost of these fees into our rental fees.

Décor: Because Lindon House is so beautiful inside and out, your cost to make your space beautiful isn’t as high. You may want to spend some money on flowers and centerpieces for your tables. Outside of that, you will not need to do anything.

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is only available with preplanning.

There are washrooms available inside the house and they are kept clean and stocked during the event.

Onsite parking for Lindon House is limited to support services such as shuttle and for dropping off guests only. There is street parking available but we recommend using taxis to avoid issues with drinking and driving. We recommend that the bride and groom hire a shuttle service (we can recommend reliable shuttle services) to avoid drinking and driving guests and the liability that comes with an event serving alcohol.
You do not have to hire a wedding planner but we highly recommend that you do. It makes your day much more enjoyable not having to deal with the many details before, during, and following your wedding.
Yes we do. Anywhere from 4-10 people, weekdays only.
Yes we do. Milestone anniversaries, birthdays, showers, corporate entertaining parties, meetings, celebrations of life, and even swimming lessons have all found a home here at Lindon House.

Absolutely! Please contact us and let us talk about the options.

Both Don and Linda are onsite to answer any questions that come up. We want to make sure your guests enjoy our venue and have an exceptional experience. So you will find us mingling about from start to finish. Because of the pool liner, absolutely no glassware can be used at the event. Any wine glasses rented need to be acrylic, and any beer or coolers not in cans will be transferred from the bottles to acrylic or plastic glasses.